Obvious problem.

That I didn't think of beforehand. In my eagerness to get my idea "out there", I failed to visualize the characters. I know what they're like personality-wise, but I don't have solid characteristics for the characters physically. Perhaps because I thought I had more time. So that's what I'm giving myself. Time. I'm going to … Continue reading Obvious problem.


34. Doubt.

So my drawing skills are not nearly where I'd like them to be.  However, my writing skills are pretty okay. Would it be terrible if I just wrote a book instead? I'm a bit frustrated with how long it would take me to do this, by drawing. Perhaps, rather than fighting myself (and my lack … Continue reading 34. Doubt.


Hi! So clearly I need to set a schedule for the comic! I'm probably going to experiment, but I don't think that it's beyond me to do one a week starting in June. I feel that's fairly reasonable. I'm leaning towards Thursdays, but I may find that another day works better.  But yeah, I apologize. … Continue reading Apologies!